Meet Melissa

I will never forget that moment. Looking at my father’s casket, my young son sitting in my lap, and the Lord spoke deep into my heart. “Melissa, your days are ordained..and when you see me face to face, I will welcome you with open arms. But, you, my child, will be disappointed. You will see all that could have been if you hadn’t allowed fear to hold you back.”

God’s voice amplified through my dad’s death. Death can do that. It can make you view life with new perspective. It can awaken your heart if you let it. For me, it started a new journey of purpose.

I’ve learned a great deal over the years of following wholeheartedly after God. The greatest lesson has been to stay anchored to Him without fail. But, just as significant is to know our lives are a reflection of stewardship. We are His instruments…called to complete His work. How are you stewarding your life to be in alignment with His calling?

Deuteronomy 6:5 speaks of loving God with all our heart, mind and strength. Jesus speaks of it with great passion and even says with conviction that it’s the greatest of commandments.

Through my years of ministry and business leadership, I have seen the woes of not stewarding well; and I’ve seen the powerful impact of those who have purposed to be a great reflection of wholehearted stewardship.

No matter your current journey, there is purpose in it. Where you’ve been, your current season of learning…it’s all being used for your future work and impact. You are chosen and ordained for His work.

I hope you find resources here to help you in your journey. I pray you receive more confirmation of your calling as you become curious to His purpose through you.

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