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grace2go is an outreach of Walking in Grace Ministries.

WIG has had the great privilege of loving low-income families. Through these relationships, we've learned their need for fresh produce. With a great desire to see families eat nutritionally – especially children and older adults – we take groceries to approximately 175 families the first and third Sundays each month. Our target population is the government housing area (MHA) - we’ve built relationships with these families and love them dearly. We are also going on the outskirts of these properties to the working poverty families  as well as prayerfully asking God’s leading to find the homeless. Our hope is to saturate these communities with the love of Christ.

The greatest joy for all who have been involved with grace2go is to watch a Mom peel an orange and fourth it between her 4 children; or a family walking down the street who sees that their grocery bag has bananas and they immediately begin to eat as they skip down the road with laughter. Or learning that a family made soup with all their vegetables that lasted several days.

It’s not about the food, it’s about the relationship. The food is our tool to be able to love families – to make Christ known and to encourage a relationship with Him. Every week, you will have the same homes to serve so that you can get to know their name, their needs and their prayer requests. We want you to not rush with the groceries, but to stay a few minutes and visit with them – even pray with them at that moment. For many, your smile, conversation and pray is the only one they receive that day…that week.

We’ve mapped our properties and located streets we’d like to build relationships with.

  • We will deliver groceries only on Sundays.
  • Staging will begin promptly at 12:30 PM or 1:30 shifts.
  • Your entire family is welcome to participate.

If you are interested in volunteering one Sunday a month and you love God-conversations and taking time to make others feel worthy, we’d love to have your help. Please contact Melissa Shaver with any questions and the Sunday you’d like to commit to.

Melissa Shaver, Director, Walking in Grace Ministries

What God is Doing with Walking in Grace Ministries

In spite of me, God is using Walking in Grace Ministries to impact the lives of His children. I am constantly amazed and humbled by how He chooses to work through me. It is my prayer that God gets all the glory from the words of these dear friends because for some crazy reason He is using my life for His purpose. Obedience is an adventure!

Melissa Shaver has God-given talents that capture the essence of passionate ministry. Amidst the tears and laughter we were ushered into the Holy of Holies through worship. We visited His Throne Room through the passages of Isaiah 6. It was one of the most powerful weekend experiences that became an empowering exercise in my personal life.  “Lord, here am I. Send me.”

Missy Zivney
Arbor Bible Fellowship
Tyler, Texas 

"I am so thankful for the message Melissa brought to our ladies for our weekend retreat. It was truly anointed from the Lord. I know our ladies will go over their notes several times and remember how the Lord spoke to them. So many applicable points in her messages that we need to each apply to our lives. The evaluations have been unanimous…the ladies loved the retreat."
Sandy Westervelt
Women’s Ministry

Baptist Church
Katy, TX

Melissa has a heart for women. She strove to meet each person at our women’s retreat. I sensed a yearning in Melissa to know these women’s stories so she could better pray for them and guide them to a deeper relationship with Christ. Melissa teaches the scripture with an authority that could only come from God.”
Angela White, Women's Ministry Leader, Leawood East Baptist Church, Cordova, TN


"Melissa did more than just speak to my ladies. She prayed for me, my team, and the "retreaters" long before the retreat. She immediately befriended the ladies and heard their stories. She allowed God to speak through her. Melissa's love, devotion and obedience to God is evident, allowing her to be used to minister to ladies in a powerful way."
Jennifer Opiela-Miksch
Grace Bible Church, College Station, TX


"Melissa's way of speaking is both authentic and personable. Many of the ladies at our event commented on how approachable and real she was. Through her unique presentation of the scriptures, she pointed us to truth and then challenged us to respond in obedience. It was clear she came prepared, not only to teach us, but also to show us Christ's love. I think to find a speaker who's able to reach each lady on a personal level is difficult. To find one who truly cares and prays for the ladies before and after the event is remarkable. Yet, that's exactly who we found in Melissa."
Colette Amey, Faith Bible Church, McKinney, TX 

"Melissa is a very clear communicator. Her enthusiasm for the Word of God is contagious, and her love of the Lord ignites her audience with a hunger for the same. Her compassion for others and her loving nature are evident to anyone who meets her, and she is a great example for females seeking to follow the Lord's calling on their life. In short, she's awesome!

Ree Reinhart, Associate Youth Minister, First Baptist Church McKinney, Texas

"Melissa is a delightful woman with an obvious heart for women and their life struggles. I appreciate the passion and sincerity that I see in her. Melissa's desire is to help women transform from the inside out and in the process impact their families, neighbors, and co-workers."
Kay Daigle
Northwest Bible Church, Dallas

"I have known Melissa as a Women's Ministry leader, speaker, and friend. In all areas of her life, she is passionately dedicated to helping others walk more closely with Christ. Her thirst for God's word is contagious, and very inspiring!"
Terri Burnett
ProvenWay Ministries, Plano, TX

"I cannot think of anyone more qualified to lead women into a deeper relationship with Christ than Melissa Shaver. She is godly, gifted and gracious friend and proven leader who genuinely cares about women. She is the real deal!"  
Dan Sampson
Sampson Resources, Dallas

"I know Melissa Shaver to be a person who follows Jesus. She goes beyond just believing certain facts about Him and takes seriously the basic call of Jesus, which is always "Follow Me." Melissa follows Jesus in a way that combines personal integrity with passion for Jesus, which leads to a life of walking in grace. I highly recommend Melissa as a teacher of truth and a mentor to all who desire to walk in grace."
Dr. Gary Singleton, Pastor
The Heights Baptist Church, Richardson, TX

"What a special lady Melissa Shaver is. Her walk with the Lord will inspire you and encourage you. She is passionate about the Word of God and incorporating it into our daily lives. Melissa puts her relationship with God into practical daily situations that every woman can relate to. Her simple, yet profound message fills a woman's heart to overflowing with the love of God. She is a joy to listen to. I am so thankful God has led me to her. I have found a new friend, a Godly example, a wonderful communicator, and a prayer warrior. We look forward to having her speak at another Parkway Hills event."

Suzie Prizer, Director Women's Ministries, ParkwayHills Baptist Church, Plano, Texas

"Melissa Shaver has a warm and insightful way of sharing God's Word in a way we as women can take and apply it to our lives. She captures the audiences attention and they are completely with her the whole time she is speaking. She is a Godly woman and a delight to have as a speaker and to get to know.

Lynn Quernemoen, Women's Ministry Coordinator, First Baptist Church, McKinney, Texas

Melissa Shaver speaks truth to the hearts of women through her biblical, yet practical style of teaching. She is an encouragement to all whom she encounters through her authentic and gracious spirit. Her desire to share the Word of God is contagious because she is a woman of noble character with Christ-like standards.”

Jennifer Young, singer and speaker

"Melissa has an appetite for God's Word that is contagious. Melissa is a respected teacher and trusted friend because she leads with humility and she is transparent and genuine. I thank God for the ministry he has entrusted to Melissa and for the impact she is having in His kingdom."

Brad Cardwell, iWitness Ministries

"Melissa has been an inspiration to me from the moment I met her. She is the epitome of a Christian lady, wife and mother. She loves the Lord and her family with all her heart. What a blessing to see the great desire she has to reach out to women in helping them "bee all they can bee for the Lord." Her witness has been one of genuine love and concern for others in their daily walk. Melissa is a wonderful teacher of the Gospel." Mamie McCullough, Author, Speaker and Encourager
"Melissa offers successful ways to develop a closer relationship with Christ. She is passionate about her faith, her message and for furthering the kingdom. A gracious presenter overflowing with charm. You will learn, apply and grow under her teachings."
Jane Jarrell, writer and speaker


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